Rockwall Gutter Repair 

Fixing Damaged Gutters in Rowlett & North Texas 

Even though fixing your gutters may not seem to be the most important task on your ever-increasing list of chores to do around the house, these key components of your home are actually a major safeguard for the rest of your property. To protect your residence from suffering from avoidable water damage, ask our technicians at Roofing & Restoration of North Texas for prompt Rockwall gutter repair.

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Discerning When Your Gutter Needs Repairs

Because we don’t pay much attention to our gutters anyways, it is often tricky to tell when something is wrong with them. However, malfunctioning gutters can lead to a lot of damage suffered by the rest of your home, so it is important to recognize when your gutters need repairs as quickly as possible.

A few of the most obvious signs that your gutters are in trouble include:

  • Your gutters have been recently cleaned but there is still sitting water – This is usually a sign that your gutter has been improperly graded, either because of an incorrect installation or because uneven settling over time.
  • Gutters that are starting to lean or sag away from the house – The weight of the gutters as they pull apart will not only damage them but could even irrevocably ruin your fascia board.
  • Indicators that the gutters are rusting or cracking – These are important signals that your gutters have been extensively eroded by water damage.
  • Water coming down the siding or brown water stains – If your drip flashing is damaged or has gone missing, it will cause rain to drip down and harm your siding as well, so get in touch for fast repairs.


Why You Should Not Delay on Scheduling Gutter Repairs

If you notice any of the above signs occurring around your gutters, it is important not to procrastinate in scheduling prompt troubleshooting. On the one hand, it certainly is annoying to have a lot of extra water accumulating around your home. However, this is not merely going to cause more mess, but could easily turn into a flooding situation that affects the very foundations of your house. On top of eventually having to repair your gutter anyways, you may have to invest in costly restorations of your home’s fascia and siding, which were damaged since they lost the protection from residue water that could not drain from your gutters. Save yourself this headache by getting repairs right away.


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Protecting Your Family’s Health

Many homeowners are not aware that damaged gutters are directly correlated to increased hazards for their family’s well-being. This is because malfunctioning gutters are likely to lead to a growth of mold and mildew, which is harmful to the respiratory systems of you and your family members. Pests like rodents, mosquitos, and even roaches are greatly drawn to the decaying matter and moisture in gutters, carrying terrible diseases with them. Ensure your household’s well-being by calling our team at Roofing & Restoration of North Texas for support immediately.

Get in touch with us today at (214) 659-5080, or contact us online for trustworthy Rockwall gutter repair from our dependable technicians. 

Our Reviews
  • High Quality Work

    They were great at offering advice on options for upgrades that were available.

    - Susie F.
  • Quick Response Time

    They were professional and explained every step of roof repair.

    - Bobbi S.
  • Extremely Clean

    When it was time to perform the work Greg told us exactly what to expect and we found the crew very professional and the cleanup process was amazing.

    - Richard R.

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